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How to search for Diplomas

Where do I start?

Decide where you'd like to study and how far you're prepared to travel. If you don't mind where you study, then just leave the 'Where would you like to study' search box blank.
Think about what degree you want to do, and what subjects will best prepare you for it. Which subject do you think will be most relevant and interesting? Try searching for that one first.
If you know what degree you want to do, and where you want to do it, then you might like to ask the university whether they can recommend a particular Access Diploma to you.

I've tried using the search, but still can't find a Diploma. What should I do next?

Not having any luck finding Diplomas in your area? Try increasing the number of miles in the search radius, or look for Diplomas in a bigger town or city nearby.
No Diplomas available in the subject you'd like to study? Try searching for other subjects related to what you want to do, or make your search more general. For example, try searching for History instead of Archaeology, or Science instead of Physics.
Still nothing? Consider a Combined Studies Diploma where you can pick from a range of modules to build a Diploma that's just right for you.

I need to find Diplomas with flexible study options. Where should I look?

Need a Diploma that starts in January, or want to complete your Diploma over two years? Click on the 'Study Mode' 'Start Date' buttons to find Diplomas delivered in a way to suit you.

Can I save my search results?

You can save your search results by downloading them. Just click on the 'Download these results' button and then follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I find out about entry requirements, student finance, and Diploma availability?

Colleges set their own entry requirements, and can also provide information about student finance and Diploma availability. Please contact them directly for this information.

What should I do once I've found a Diploma I'd like to apply for?

Once you've found the perfect Diploma, contact the college directly to find out more information about the Diploma and details of how to apply.